What Do You Know About Medical Astrology

Medical astrology

The term astrology has become very popular these days. Most people believe that astrology could help in predicting their future. There are many types of astrology practiced in the modern world. Medical astrology is a kind of astrology that has become very popular these days.

Medical Astrology

You should be aware of the fact that medical astrology is not an alternative to conventional medical treatment. Medical astrologer will try to identify the root cause of the disease in terms of karma, past life and planetary position. Medical astrologers do not prescribe medicine but advice to change some behavior of their clients.

Medical astrologers do not consider their clients as patient or ill person. Medical astrologer would also advice their clients to use specific crystals, flower remedies, aromatherapy, etc. Medical astrology could also help in predicting disease in future so that you can be well prepared. You should remember of certainty of having disease cured depends on the expertise of the astrologer. So, make sure to visit an highly expert astrologer.

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