Introduction to Indian School of Astrology

Indian School of Astrology

Astrology has become very popular these days. Today, you could astrology been practiced by people from all parts of the country. You can also see different types of astrology being practiced in this world. There are three major schools in Astrology – Indian, Chinese and western. The origin of Indian school of astrology dates back to the year 1200 BC to 2500 BC.

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Some of the eminent masters of Indian astrology are Varaha Mahira and Satyacarya. Indian astrology is also called as Vedic astrology that has many categories – Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora. Here, Siddhanta deals with study of subjects like arithmetic, trigonometry, algebra, geometry and astronomy.

Knowing all these subjects help to calculate the planetary position. Samhita deals with study of planets and celestial bodies to predict the natural calamities in the earth like hurricane, war, geo-political war, etc. Hora is deals with predicting the future of an individual. Today, Indian school of astrology is practiced all over the world and it is considered as very effective.

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An Introduction to Western School of Astrology

western school of astrology

There are many schools of Astrology exist in this world. Western astrology is one of the major schools of astrology along with the Indian and Chinese school. Western astrology is very predominant in US and Europe.


According to the evidence, western astrology seems to have originated in Mesopotamia during 2nd BC, which is much later than the origin of Chinese astrology. The western astrology has two branches namely – natal and judicial. Natal is a kind of astrology, where predictions are made by considering the nativity of an individual. The judicial astrology deals with study of lunation, ingress, eclipse, etc. In modern western astrology, zodiac signs are used to predict the character and future of an individual.

There are 12 zodiac signs, which are classified into four elements such as earth, water, fire and air. You could find western astrology predictions printed regularly in the newspaper. In fact, western astrology has become very common all over the world, even in India and China.