Astrology is not a Quack


There is lot of debate going about the credibility of astrology these days. Many people say that astrology is a pseudoscience, as it cannot be proved scientifically. One should remember that many predications made by ancient and present astrologers have become true implies that astrology is not a quack. Since astrology is not proved scientifically, you cannot say it is a counterfeit.

Astrology_chartThroughout the history of human kind, many things that have been considered as fake were later proved with the help of science. For example, when a person told that earth is round and not flat, many scholarly people dismissed that idea. However, when this idea was proved scientifically after some years, people started accepting it.

Similarly, astrology is not scientifically proved because the science has not advanced that level to understand the principle of astrology. So, lack of scientific evidence does not make astrology a quack. Astrology can be studied better through experience rather than simply hearing from someone.

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