Ways To Make Your Astrology Business Prosper!

Businesswoman looking at team of businesspeople in miniatureAstrology business is all about providing customized service after taking insights from successful astrologers to increase your clientele. The competition is very high in astrology business, and the prospective can be luring. Making your niche narrow can improve the prospects of your business. Astrologers help in choosing an auspicious day for starting your business depending on the type of business and your astrological chart. The role of any business is to generate sales leads. Salesforce online training in India equips candidates to become successful sales persons who can rapidly grow your business. Websites like astrologer.com can offer guidance on how to run a successful astrology business.

How to become a successful astrologer?
Developing online presence is the best way to reach your business far and wide. Astrologers have to make their presence felt through regular interviews and informative articles both in the print media and online sources. E-books on topics related to astrology could be an added advantage. Newsletters and emails are also ways to stay connected with prospective clients.

Complimentary services
Astrologers in an attempt to promote their business, try their hand in free astrological services. This is a way to draw the attention of the clients and explore more complex paid options at a later point in time. There are astrologers offering free reading to friend and lectures for community members. Providing free service is one of the ways to expand client base especially through referrals.

Internet revolution
The internet has changed the way astrologers went about with their business. Earlier it was about writing books, printing charts, producing jewelry and signs, designing astrological software and other products to attract the customers. The technology and printing expensive for this kind of marketing were big, and most were not able to afford. Then came the internet that made things easier for astrologers. Creating a market has become easier with websites and astrologers are creating spin-off products to operate sitting at their home or office catering to a worldwide market.

progress-3Another advantage of the internet is the ability to partner with like-minded people to create products and services to suit their clientele. Collaboration with astrologers through affiliate links or marketing their products on their website could be a way to bring in more traffic to your business. Developing an online presence through social media platforms can bring in more customers. Online marketing strategies can be used as a promotional tool.

Successful astrologers are those who keep abreast with the latest in the field. Updating frequently on the technological advances helps reach to the target audience. Being part of global federations and professional associations could help in establishing the right connect with the right people. It is important to treat the astrology business as a person and write a chart to foresee the future of the business and take necessary steps protect your business interest.

Similar to home based business, astrology business also needs to use personalized services to attract clients. Take the advice of experts in the field to understand the opportunities and threats in the business.

A Brief History of Astronomy and Astrology


Space science is worried about the perception of the movements of wonderful bodies and diminishes to numerical request these perceptions. Crystal gazing is the investigation of the impacts the developments of these heavenly bodies have on illicit human relationships. Through delayed perception, the antiquated space experts could anticipate the repeat of astronomical wonders, and soothsayers started to estimate the natural occasions which agreed with these.

Stargazing is most likely as old as man’s origination of time itself. To start with, space science was to a great extent used to anticipate climate designs and the ideal time for sowing and planting crops. Later, these spheres of moving light the planets were accepted to be divine beings, and the ensuing journey for perfect learning was likely the start of soothsaying.

Antiquated Origins

Space Science crystal gazing is said to have started with the Chaldeans, in Babylon, Mesopotamia, (now Iraq) around the fourth thousand years BC. It was drilled in the sanctuaries, where it was mixed with religious components. Later, it spread to Egypt, and around the third thousand years BC was being utilized by rulers to anticipate the destiny of countries: war or peace, starvation or bounty.
The Chinese were additionally talented space experts, and are thought to have autonomously started to utilize types of expectation, alongside the Maya of Central America and the people groups of antiquated India. A few specialists trust that Chinese stargazing may reach out as far back as 5000 BC.


Late explores into the Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza recommend that perception of sublime bodies may considerably have more inaccessible starting points. There is startling new confirmation that the essential Giza landmarks shape like the three stars of Orion’s belt, which is a precise earthly “guide” as these groups of stars showed up in 10,500 BC.

Greek and Roman Times

Much later, after the demise of Alexander The Great, crystal gazing started to impact Greek life, as Greeks and Asians blended in the kingdoms of the Seleucids and Ptolemy. It turned into an inexorable imperative piece of Greek and Roman life. The Stoic savants secularized this antiquated craftsmanship. Hippocrates, the “father of pharmaceutical,” instructed crystal gazing to his understudies so they could decide the basic days in a sickness. The artist Hesiod, who lived in the eighth century BC, wrote in his long ballad “Works and Days” that the places of the planets and stars ought to be utilized to foresee hopeful circumstances at which to begin things. Crystal gazing achieved its apex in majestic circumstances, was utilized by individuals of each social strata, and told the truth, was a portion of practically every branch of old culture.

Around the second century A.D. Ptolemy, a Greek researcher, composed an enormous work on crystal gazing, which is separated into two sections. The Almagest and The Tetrabiblos: The Almagest manages the development of the Sun, Moon, and planets; the Tetrabiblos with the understanding of these developments as they influence man and human occasions. These books may be entire composed records of antiquated cosmology and soothsaying that have stayed with us and are an assemblage of works from earlier hundreds of years.

Astrology – A Traditional Perspective


Western or European Astrology started in Babylonia around 200 BC, much before the practice of Astrology in Europe that started from 1200 to 1700 and termed as Traditional Astrology. Which is again split into Medieval Astrology (1200 to 1500), and Renaissance Astrology (1500 to 1700).

Over the 2,000 year period from the Greeks to the Renaissance, Astrology displayed incredible congruity and thrived until it in the long run left design because of freshly discovered insight, and new realism during the late seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries.

The concentration of Traditional Astrology was on the external planets, instead of Psychology, a science that was not discovered until the late twentieth Century. Conventional Astrology could give exact and precise forecasts of occasions to come, by utilizing different procedures learned and go around the watchful perception of the sky and planets.

The Planets likened to Gods, and divine occasions were watched for signs, where most societies watched the sky for signs and signs however Babylonian Religion was astral based. Conventional Astrology contrasts from current Astrology, wherein its most current shape character examination and mental knowledge are more vital than anticipating future occasions.


A restored enthusiasm for the Esoteric Sciences started again around the 1900’s, and Astrology came to be considered by and by. Albeit Modern Astrology is viewed as fantastic for the premise of a character examination, it can’t foresee with the exactness of Traditional Astrology. Similarly, Sun sign Astrology written in the media has given Astrology a terrible name since individuals don’t trust one twelfth of a section that can be compared to many individuals at one timeframe.

Soothsaying has consequently been viewed as a distrustful science, on the grounds that many people regard it and don’t understand that a genuine Natal Chart can not just give a profitable device to anticipating approaching occasions, however, pinpoint accidental circumstances. A great many people regardless of the possibility that they are liberal may even now be far fetched of Astrology’s actual precision. In any case, a great many people given an individual graph perusing will be dumbfounded by its exactness.

Cutting edge Astrology gives a decent knowledge into a man’s mind, particularly when somebody needs advising taking after an individual disaster or needing individual treatment for themselves or somebody close. However are a great many people remotely inspired by knowing the advancement of their very own Psychological make-up?

Customary Astrology is separated into four principle sorts, firstly Natal crystal gazing which looks at and predicts occasions in view of a genuine birth outline. At that point there is Horary Astrology which takes a gander at a horoscope at a specific time, asking a particular question.

Basics of Astrology


Many people are very much interested in knowing their future. They want to know whether they will become rich or face any dangerous situation, etc. Since ancient days, there have been many techniques used for predicting an individual’s future. Astrology is an ancient and effective technique that has been for predicting future. Astrology is the study of patterns and movements of planets that have influence on human life. People who practice astrology are called as astrologers.

Astrology Basics

According to the astrology, position of planets like sun and moon can decide the destiny of a person. In astrology, the positions of planets at time of birth of a person decide the future of person. Astrology is an interesting science that can help to know about character, personality. Nowadays, many people seek the service of astrologers to predict the future. Astrology could provide a great solution about problems pertaining to job, relationship, etc.

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What Do You Know About Medical Astrology

Medical astrology

The term astrology has become very popular these days. Most people believe that astrology could help in predicting their future. There are many types of astrology practiced in the modern world. Medical astrology is a kind of astrology that has become very popular these days.

Medical Astrology

You should be aware of the fact that medical astrology is not an alternative to conventional medical treatment. Medical astrologer will try to identify the root cause of the disease in terms of karma, past life and planetary position. Medical astrologers do not prescribe medicine but advice to change some behavior of their clients.

Medical astrologers do not consider their clients as patient or ill person. Medical astrologer would also advice their clients to use specific crystals, flower remedies, aromatherapy, etc. Medical astrology could also help in predicting disease in future so that you can be well prepared. You should remember of certainty of having disease cured depends on the expertise of the astrologer. So, make sure to visit an highly expert astrologer.

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Introduction to Indian School of Astrology

Indian School of Astrology

Astrology has become very popular these days. Today, you could astrology been practiced by people from all parts of the country. You can also see different types of astrology being practiced in this world. There are three major schools in Astrology – Indian, Chinese and western. The origin of Indian school of astrology dates back to the year 1200 BC to 2500 BC.

school astrology

Some of the eminent masters of Indian astrology are Varaha Mahira and Satyacarya. Indian astrology is also called as Vedic astrology that has many categories – Siddhanta, Samhita and Hora. Here, Siddhanta deals with study of subjects like arithmetic, trigonometry, algebra, geometry and astronomy.

Knowing all these subjects help to calculate the planetary position. Samhita deals with study of planets and celestial bodies to predict the natural calamities in the earth like hurricane, war, geo-political war, etc. Hora is deals with predicting the future of an individual. Today, Indian school of astrology is practiced all over the world and it is considered as very effective.

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Astrology is not a Quack


There is lot of debate going about the credibility of astrology these days. Many people say that astrology is a pseudoscience, as it cannot be proved scientifically. One should remember that many predications made by ancient and present astrologers have become true implies that astrology is not a quack. Since astrology is not proved scientifically, you cannot say it is a counterfeit.

Astrology_chartThroughout the history of human kind, many things that have been considered as fake were later proved with the help of science. For example, when a person told that earth is round and not flat, many scholarly people dismissed that idea. However, when this idea was proved scientifically after some years, people started accepting it.

Similarly, astrology is not scientifically proved because the science has not advanced that level to understand the principle of astrology. So, lack of scientific evidence does not make astrology a quack. Astrology can be studied better through experience rather than simply hearing from someone.

Tools or Instruments used in Astrology


Tools or Instruments used in AstrologyAstrology is a technique of predicting future event of an individual or a place by assessing the planetary positions in the space. Modern astrology uses various tools for making astrological predictions and we will look into some of them. Natal chart is an important tool used in the astrology. This chart is actually a map that is used for making predictions. This map contains various symbols and signs that help an astrologer to make predictions using the some details about an individual.


Ephemeris is a table that can help to determine the place of planets for some years (say five years, 6 years). Using this table, astrologers can determine the planet position in future, which could help them in making predictions. Other popular and important tools used by astrologers include Venus sign table, mars sign table and psyche sign table. You should know that each type of astrologer uses specific kind of tools. These tools could be purchased from stores or online.